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  • Stables
    Perhaps where the improvised nature of this year’s court is punctuated most is here at the stables. The far-traveling guests rest their steeds and ponies here, leaving the stable master in over his head with caring for triple the number of horses he would in a typical season.
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  • Training Grounds
    Even in the heart of Winter, Mirumoto samurai wake before dawn to practice their morning kata upon the graveled courtyard. Hatsuto-sensei inspects their skill to ensure that the discipline of the Dragon never falters.
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  • Store Houses
    Only the Emperor’s Chamber is more heavily guarded. Food is precious in this time of famine. Thus, Lord Shikei and the ryorishi, Kyujin, are the only souls allowed unsupervised access to the castle’s food stores.
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  • The Tea House
    The Dragon Clan Champion keeps a limited but aptly chosen selection of tea for his guests. No reservations are required, but Lord Shikei does encourage guests to wait patiently between uses.
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  • Barracks
    Residence of the Elite Mirumoto House Guard. At least a quarter of the castle’s samurai sleep here at any given time. Accommodations are sparse, though not spartan. Most of the warriors here keep books in addition to typical mementos and necessities.
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  • Gardens
    None could honestly say the gardens of Shiro Mirumoto are the most glorious, at least not since the Dragon Clan's setting of the trend centuries ago. But they are still serene and provocative in the way that only the Dragon can make them. A few evergreens dot the landscape. Stones here are plentiful and the winter snow compliments, rather than subdues, its beauty. The evergreen plants here have been pruned and arranged to represent the winter of the life of Mirumoto who died in his prime fighting during the Day of Thunder
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  • Sensei's Quarters
    The personal abode of the Master of Iron Mountain dojo. Mirumoto Hatsuto keeps the ear of the Dragon Clan Champion close and is available to provide counsel on a moment’s notice… assuming he is not busy at the dojo.
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  • Main Gate
    A winding, half-mile trek through a cliff-walled pass beyond Two Heaven Village stands the austere fortress to the Dragon Clan’s military arm. The most elite samurai of the Dragon stand sentry over the gate to Shiro Mirumoto. None enter the castle without their knowledge and any who try are dealt with expediently. The main gates close after dark and open at dawn.
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