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  • Little Crow’s Perch
    Geisha within the lands of the Dragon Clan are renowned for their brilliance and wit. Those who live in the shadow of Shiro Mirumoto are far from an exception. The best girls are the most educated and have almost a monkish dedication to the pursuit of beauty through wisdom. The Perch’s okasan is Gion, a keen-tongued singer for whom rumors persist that she is the secret paramore of the Fortune Fukurokujin or is even the Oracle of Fire.
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  • Shrine to Hotei
    An uneven trail of steps spiral upward to the abode of the Fortune of Contentment. The door to the shrine is offset to the left. Upon entering, one notes that the large iron statue of Hotei sits contentedly near a corner, off-set from any centralized place, his smiling gaze looking forward towards literally nothing in particular.
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  • Shrine to Shinsei
    On the far side of the village, a humble shrine dedicated to the Little Teacher faces towards the gates of Shiro Mirumoto. Beyond the doors, a scroll of the Tao, frayed at the edges, rests open and ready for anyone literate to read. On the far wall hangs more words upon a scroll “Neither will I.”
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  • The Laughing Badger Inn
    Richly furnished, the inn was modeled to the appeal of the Dragon Clan’s less ascetic guests. At three stories high, the largest building in the village is run by Kincho the Seventh. A jolly if eccentric man who takes pride in the enjoyment of his guest. This Winter, the entire top floor has been leased to a wealthy yet mysterious guest who prefers their privacy.
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  • Makeshift Bazaar
    The merchants have set their camp immediately outside the village gateway. Wares, baubles and every make of wish can be found here if one peruses deep enough. Even in this bleak age, the will of man to accumulate wealth has not lost its appetite. Nor has their will to part with such.
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  • Kayo's Noodles
    For generations, the lords of the Dragon Clan have sworn to the quality of the noodle dishes made at this humble establishment. Many guests of the Dragon are delighted at their recommendations only to discover the noodles are made from millet instead of rice. It is said by Kayo’s descendant’s that the Dragon Champion himself blessed this place many generations ago during a rice shortage. Kayo had offered the Togashi Lord his last bowl of rice noodles and had only millet left. From that day forward, his family was never without what they needed.
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  • Gorobei's Noodles
    The price of a bowl of noodles is exorbitant due to Kanpeki’s famine and the owner has considered closing shop altogether due to inflation and impending doom. Favors are the most popular currency here and Gorobei is keeping his tabs close this Winter.
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  • Headman's House
    A simple house almost indistinct from the other homes, save for a banner to mark the home of the village headman, Hiroki. Hiroki takes his position as seriously as any proper Samurai would take theirs. He has placed security as a top priority throughout winter and has taken extra steps to ensure the safety of the heimin.
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  • Laundry
    Every decent Rokugani needs their dirty laundry cleaned and it is here that such laundry is often aired.
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  • Five Ringed Pottery
    One warm spot in the village this winter is Kenichi’s shop where a makeshift kiln is lit at all hours. The place is unmistakable by the wisps of smoke emanating from the backyard. Kenichi, cleverly, has decided to exploit the heat of his trade, and has set up a covered porch against the wall of the kiln room. It acts as a makeshift tavern, and has become a warm spot for social gatherings.
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  • The Prolific Art Emporium of Otaru and Son
    For over a decade, this business has been strangely closed for most of the year, open only in late fall through early spring. It’s managed by a young woman named Ogiue whose brother Otaru the Second toils at his craft in the back. The shop is galleried with stacks of prints and sumi-e painting from a wide range of styles, far more than any one artist could said to have created themselves.
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  • Ibano's Treasures
    A small encampment unto itself; crates, barrels and wagons stack to form walls and a makeshift fort featuring wares and foodstuffs from all over the Empire… strangely from all over the Empire. Perhaps even beyond.
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  • The Spring of Winter
    One may wonder how courtiers are ever able to find the perfect flower to ensemble their poems or gift one to their secret paramour when they are very much out of season. By the power of the kami, Tamori Mei has solved this problem at the florist shop where blooms of every seed can be found year-round.
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  • Tattoos by Baan
    A generation ago, retiring samurai Mirumoto Baan failed his quest to reach the High House of light to find the wisdom and power of the monks residing there. Dejected at his failure, he settled back near the home of his lord and took up the needle of the tattoo artist. His agile hands soon proved worthy as the old man discovered his latent talent.
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  • The Streets of Two Heavens Village
    The many streets of Two Heavens Village.
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