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GMs and NPCs

Postby Jurojin » Mon Jan 02, 2017 1:57 am

So, as we approach the soft start for our event, some of you may be hoping to score a scene with one or more of our many NPCs in attendance this season. While these NPCs have accounts of their own, they are set up not to receive PMs - for our own sanity, we've decided (for some reason) not to force the GM team to check fifty-plus accounts every day to see if they've been pinged with a request. Instead, we've assigned each NPC to a GM, and if you want a scene with a specific NPC, send a PM to the associated GM. I've noted those NPCs specifically attached to specific locations, as requested scenes with them should, with very few exceptions, take place in those locations.

Assignments are as follows:

Iweko Seiken (you know, that Emperor guy?)
Toku Hikaru (Imperial Chancellor, professional old man)
Hikahime (peasant leader of the Last Legion)
Moto Chinua (Unicorn Champion)
Daremo (suspiciously well-informed merchant)
Shinjo Saeki (Unicorn Ambassador, Shireikan of the Junghar Army)
Arashi (Colonial Mantis Ambassador, Warlord of Zogeku)

Yasuki Makoto (Imperial Advisor)
Haihime (the mysterious Princess of Ashes)
Seppun Ryuken (the Emperor's personal bodyguard)
Gion (Okasan of the Little Crow’s Perch, Two Heavens Village)
Hiroki (Headman, Two Heavens Village)
Kayo XIII (Noodle cook, Two Heavens Village)
Kincho (Innkeeper, Two Heavens Village)
Tamori Mei (Flower arrangement specialist, Two Heavens Village)
Midori (Gardener)
Rei (Gossipy washer-woman)
Yoritomo Ichido (Nativist Mantis Ambassador, Mantis Champion)
Susumu Shibatsu (Emerald Spider Ambassador, Spider Champion)
Daigotsu Kendo (Onyx Spider Ambassador)
Sora (Head of the Order of the Spider)
Noriko (gossipy washer-woman)
Sumi (Gossipy washer-woman)

Isawa Kaname (Jade Champion)
Tadao (Grand Abbot of the Brotherhood of Shinsei)
Isawa Nairuko (Phoenix Ambassador, Master of Earth, Perpetrator of the Great Astrology Nonsense-a-thon 1199)
Seppun Ritisharu (Imperial Treasurer)
Miya Kiyokaizu (Lecherous Imperial Herald)

Mirumoto Shikei (Dragon Champion and your host for this fine event)
Mirumoto Hatsuto (Iron Mountain Dojo sensei)
Gorobei (Noodle cook)
Kouma (Stable master)
Mirumoto Renga (Captain of the Mirumoto House Guard)
Togashi Noboru (Dragon Ambassador, Master of the Togashi Order)
Daidoji Nozomi (Crane Ambassador, Shireikan of the Iron Warriors)
Mirumoto Baan (Mostly retired Tattoo artist)
Kitsuki Chihiro (Two Heavens Village Magistrate)
Kenichi (Proprietor of Five Ringed Pottery, Two Heavens Village)

Iweko Ayameko (Empress-consort)
Hida Kozan (Voice of the Emperor)
Otaru the Second (Artist)
Ogiue (Otaru's sister, merchant)
Kyujin (Ryorishi, guardian of the Store Houses)
Kuni Renyu (Crab Ambassador, Kuni family Daimyo)
Ikoma Hattori (Lion Ambassador, Ikoma family Daimyo)

Bayushi Takehiko (Loyalist Scorpion Ambassador, Dark Dread)
Shosuro Sakura (Traitor Scorpion Ambassador, the Desert Azalea)
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