Calendars and Time Slots

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Calendars and Time Slots

Postby Jurojin » Wed Jan 04, 2017 5:33 am

...or, alternatively, "Adventures in Time and Space".

Welcome once more to Winter Court 5! We among the GM team have quite a bit in store for you this season - some open events, and others more subtle. As scheduling is important, we're presenting a calendar of publicly-known events here. Make note of any that strike your interest, so you don't miss out!

Day 1: Court opens - As the snow, which will soon block the paths leading down out of the mountains - begins to fall, Emperor Iweko II calls to order the Imperial Court, with guest diplomats from the semi-independent Colonies, whose residents now call those lands the nation of Zogeku, as well as the dark forces of the Onyx Empire.

Day 2: The Winding Water Banquet (Early Afternoon onward) - Poetry and sake, what could be better? Try not to actually fall into the water, though...

Day 4: The First Feast (Early Evening)* - Even in this time of famine, the Imperial Court gathers to celebrate.

Day 8: Miya Kiyokaizu's Single Mingle (Early Evening)* - Show off your unique talents, and try to win the attention of a prospective match or a winter fling!

Day 9: Art Exhibition (Early Afternoon) - Paintings, sculptures, and other fine art from throughout the Empire and beyond will be displayed.

Day 10: Unicorn Storytelling (Early Evening) - Our stories bind us together as much as any bonds of duty and family. Come and share yours before the party.

Fireworks Display (Late Evening)* - The Crane may be the only clan allowed to use gaijin powder in martial pursuits, but few can match the skill of the Tamori family when it comes to more showy displays of things that go boom in a colorful manner.

Day 12: A Prayer to the Ancestors (Early Evening)* - The Lion host a ritual of remembrance, a unified prayer for the honored dead of the Clans. Be there. It would be a shame to disappoint your ancestors.

Day 13: The Game of 100 Tales (Night)* - Join local collector of stories Kitsuki Chihiro for the traditional competition of strange and creepy storytelling!

Day 16: The Nativist Mantis Archery Competition (Early Afternoon) - In the fading mountain daylight, only the surest of hand and eye will hit their mark.

Day 17: The Crab Martial Exhibition (Late Afternoon) - Come one, come all, and show the Crab what you've got!

Day 23: CANCELLED The Second Feast (Early Evening)* - As the season draws to a close, the Court gathers once more to celebrate and give thanks for what they have...while they still have it.

Day 25: The Dragon Iajutsu Tournament (Early Afternoon) - The Dojo is open. Everyone is showing their stance. Join in!

Day 27: The Devil's Chase (Early Morning onward) - Join the Dragon in driving out evil spirits with this cleansing and purifying ritual.

Day 30: Court ends - As the snows finally melt enough to allow people to leave, the Imperial Court holds its final session before itself departing from the Dragon lands. Will they depart for war, or may there yet be the hope of peace? That's up to you!

*These events are exceptions to the rule that the gates to Shiro Mirumoto close during the Early Evening time slot. Characters may take part in these threads, then leave or re-enter the castle (as appropriate) when the events conclude.

This is not a finished list by far. In addition to our super-secret special events (keep your eyes open!), there's plenty of room for the delegations in attendance, or even individual attendees, to host their own events! If you'd like to get something on the schedule, let your clan's GM or AGM know, and we'll get the word out!
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Re: Calendars and Time Slots

Postby Jurojin » Wed Jan 04, 2017 5:50 am

Part 2: Time Slots, or How to Schedule Your Day

For those new to Winter Court events, you may notice that the threads that have started appearing around the forums are tagged with a time, like Late Afternoon or Early Morning. This is, of course, to set up a structure for the days of the event, so we (both GMs and players) can tell what order events happen in. They're also useful for keeping track of what your character does in a day, and how much he or she can do in a day. In order to avoid the dreaded plague we've come to call "time warpage", we ask that you make sure your character is only in one thread in any given time slot each day. There are eight time slots in each day (listed below), so that means your character can only take part in eight threads in a single in-game day (each of which is two "real" days).

Many players may find it useful to create a "journal" in their Private Forums, listing the time slots for each day and creating a link to any thread their character may be taking part in for each of those slots. It helps you keep track of yourself, and helps us GMs keep track of you, too, just in case we need anything to...happen in your vicinity... :twisted:

The time slots to be used are as follows:

Early Morning
Late Morning
Early Afternoon
Late Afternoon
Early Evening
Late Evening

There are some special notes regarding some of these time slots:

Main Court threads normally take place during the Late Morning and Mid-day slots. If your character makes an appearance in the main court, that will take up both of these slots.

With a few exceptions (most of them listed in the calendar post above), the main gates to Shiro Mirumoto will be closing in the Early Evening. If your character is inside the castle during the Early Evening, he or she will have to remain there throughout the Late Evening and Night, as those outside the castle in the Early Evening will have to remain outside. If you find yourself separated from your delegation by the closed gate, you'll need to make arrangements for a place to sleep (I'm told the Colonial Mantis have set aside rooms for this purpose in the Laughing Badger Inn...). It's possible to try and "jump the wall", getting into and out of the castle after the gate closes, but such actions are rather harshly discouraged by the Mirumoto House Guard, and will need to be arranged with your GM or AGM.

The Night slot is available to those with Touch of the Spirit Realms: Yume-do or who are willing to make regular checks vs. fatigue (as per the Legend of the Five Rings Core Rulebook, page 89). If you decide to have your character stay up for a Night slot, please make a note of it in your Private Forum so we can keep track of the effects of his or her ongoing denial of the call of Yume-do.
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