[Day 25 - Early Afternoon] The Iaijutsu Tournament - Demonstration of Skill

A series of tatami floored rooms ring the dojo. At any given time, wooden and bamboo practice swords can be heard clacking or the sensei lecturing students. Peculiarly enough, compared to most dojo, these sensei speak with more questions than orders. Here, one corner of the ground floor has been reserved for guests to practice their own martial arts. At the center, a larger tatami floor spreads against a short conclave of bleachers. The east wall is occupied by a trio of shrines to Mirumoto, Shinsei and Togashi. A single stone at the base marks the grave of Mirumoto Hojatsu. Akin to the shrine in the village, a banner hangs with the words "Neither Will I."
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[Day 25 - Early Afternoon] The Iaijutsu Tournament - Demonstration of Skill

Postby Togashi Gozato » Mon Mar 06, 2017 2:33 pm

The interior of the Iron Mountain Dojo has been well-lit by three large braziers and several candles to provide sufficient illumination despite the winter darkness. Standing screens dictating the life and achievements of Mirumoto stand between the main floor of the dojo and the walls. A small, raised area with cushions have been set up for the judges where they can easily observe the participants.

For each participant, space is made available for the demonstration of any kata. Three tameshigiri, tightly bound straw mats around bamboo, are provided to each student as well. The students of the dojo, ranging in ages from 7 to 14, kneel on the edges of the demonstration area, observing and assisting each competitor with proper set up. Requests for additional material demonstrations are provided by these students, as long as they are reasonable and do no harm to the dojo or its attendants.

As the judges gather, competitors are welcome to demonstrate their skill.

((OOC - So, what we are looking for here is a demonstration of Iaijutsu skill, first in the form of a kata then in a demonstration of cutting ability. The Kata performance is an Iaijutsu / Reflexes or Kenjutsu (Katana) / Agility roll, TN 15. Raises are encouraged, and judgement will be made on both the final rolled score and the number of successful Raises achieved.

The second test is a cutting challenge. A competitor may ask for up to three tameshigiri. A competitor enters the Center Stance for 1 round, then exits to perform a Iaijutsu / Reflexes attack against the tameshigiri. If they are set up to be stationary, their Armor TN is 10, with Reduction 3. One tameshigiri is 10 Wounds, the second is 15 Wounds, and the third is 20 Wounds. In order to cut through all three in a single cut, the duelist must succeed in dealing 45 Wounds after Reduction 3. Unless directed otherwise, the tameshigiri are placed flush to each other and the Reduction 3 only applies once. Competitor are only required to cut one tameshigiri, however, and decide for themselves how many they wished to be set up. Judgement will be made on how many are successfully cut, minus the number requested which were unsuccessfully cut.

Additional demonstrations of skill is allowed for those inclined, so long as it does not involve actually hurting or killing anyone. Such examples are cutting the wick off of a burning candle, having the tameshigiri tossed in the air first, etc. If you want to do something special, please work it out with a GM.

The demonstration here is to create a seeding known to the judges. At the end of a round, if there are an uneven number of competitors, it is considered Honorable for the competitor with the lowest seeding to bow out of the competition. Pairings will be random, however.))
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Togashi Gozato
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Re: [Day 25 - Early Afternoon] The Iaijutsu Tournament - Demonstration of Skill

Postby Togashi Gozato » Mon Mar 06, 2017 4:35 pm

((OOC Note - Clarifications

Kata - Yes, you may perform a Kata in the kata section. Yes, the Kata benefits apply to the kata demonstration, the cutting demonstration, and for the rest of the tournament as a result.

Tameshigiri - You only apply the Reduction 3 once, unless your character SPECIFICALLY wants to space them out to show superior cutting skill.

Other clarifications will appear here as they come up.

And to keep track:

Emerald Spider Clan: Daigotsu Yukari
Crab Clan: Yasuki Yamase
Scorpion Clan: Soshi Kazusa
Crane Clan: Kakita Karasu
Phoenix Clan: Shiba Michio
Unicorn Clan: Utaku Yamada
Lion Clan: Akodo Kibo
Dragon Clan: Mirumoto TBD

Still waiting on:
One last thing with a GM while we tabulate results.))
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Daigotsu Yukari
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Re: [Day 25 - Early Afternoon] The Iaijutsu Tournament - Demonstration of Skill

Postby Daigotsu Yukari » Mon Mar 06, 2017 5:08 pm

Yukari stepped forth, bowed to everyone she might be expected to, and began.

Her kata was poetry in motion, and she bowed at the end with an expression that indicated it was to be expected, not celebrated.

She motioned for two tameshigri- although apparently not so much in expectation of cutting both as in the hope of it- and took her stance.

Her strike was true, the blade cleanly cutting the first and barely notching the second. A brief frown crossed Yukari's features, then she sheathed her blade, bowed to the judges, and stepped aside.

[Kata Rolls: http://orokos.com/roll/492763, with the Emphasis re-roll here: http://orokos.com/roll/492764. That brings her kata roll to a 50 with three Raises...

And the attack roll should be three higher as well, thanks to the use of a Gyushi Blade...

The question if emphases apply to damage rolls that the book doesn't clearly answer turned out to be moot

Seems I forgot something about Center Stance and damage rolls, but whatever- ten dice, no explosions? Feh.]
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Re: [Day 25 - Early Afternoon] The Iaijutsu Tournament - Demonstration of Skill

Postby Yasuki Yamase » Mon Mar 06, 2017 5:26 pm

Yasuki Yamase, dressed fully for battle barring her Kabuto and mempo in order to do the courtesy of allowing everyone to know who she is, comes forward. She bows to the crowd, the assembled judges and finally to the shrine of the dojo, to honor the Mirumoto most of all for the honor of showing her skill today in their home.

Her kata is full of slow, precise movements. It is not the act of a master of kenjutsu, but it shows the core tenets of the Crab; staying alive longer then the enemy. Vital areas are protected at whatever cost, while any type of movement towards attack seem to come only after an enemy would be tired or overextended.

With the second step Yamase calls forward three tameshigiri, debates a second on a fourth and then finally nods her head that she's ready. When she settles into focus herself, it is quickly apparent that the killing focus of a samurai is brought forth. A second passes and as she resheathes her blade after an eyeblink, the three tameshigiri are only starting their passage down to the ground, sliced evenly, cleanly and devastatingly in half.
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Re: [Day 25 - Early Afternoon] The Iaijutsu Tournament - Demonstration of Skill

Postby Soshi Kazusa » Mon Mar 06, 2017 6:33 pm

Kazusa steps up next to take part in the display of skill. She felt it best to go after Yamase, so no one would take her seriously for doing well after the Crab's display.

She performs her kata admirably, displaying a moderate mastery of the Bayushi techniques. The movements are precise and graceful, an dangerous undercurrent of lethal menace beneath the dance. She ends the routine with a violent flurry, cutting to the hands and knees, followed by a thrust to the heart.

Next she asks for three tamashigiri brought in the traditional cluster. Settling into her stance, it looks slightly different from those who have viewed her technique previously. Instead of the leaned forward, almost leering stance she has used previous, it is much more centered and focused on what is before her in the moment. When she is ready, she lets out a shout as the blade clears the saya, breaking her own expectations with it's speed. The blade was quick, but her footing was off just under an inch, which lead the blade to not bite fully. The strike withdrew after two and a half tamashigiri.

Sheathing her sword, Kazusa bowed to the dojo, then the judges and took her seat when given leave.
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Re: [Day 25 - Early Afternoon] The Iaijutsu Tournament - Demonstration of Skill

Postby Kakita Karasu » Mon Mar 06, 2017 11:30 pm

Kakita Karasu comes to the floor. He bows to all present in order. He is well dressed and his hair is up in a top knot with a Crane Mon in iron holding it in place.

His Kata is fluid and graceful and shows the true artistry that comes from years and years of dedicated practice and ceaseless effort. The Katana is drawn quickly and returned slowly. The footwork shows sign of Mizu-do influences. If Karasu had not become a duelist he might have made an decent dancer. He ends the Kata by sitting into seiza then in a flash stepping out and cutting up from hip to shoulder.

Iai tourney kata : Center Stance - Empire Rests on its Edge - Crane r1 - 4 raises TN 35: 10d10o10k5+12 45

Karasu then catches his breath. He debates for a moment then calls for 2 tameshigiri. He takes his stance. His hand hoovers palm up above the grip. In the space between heartbeats the sword is out of its saya and almost silently wiping through the air. Karasu brings the point back to the saya and sheathes the sword. When the sword snaps shut, the tameshigiri slide right off. One clean, neat line dividing them.

He bows to all, a mixture of approval and disappointment behind his On.

Next time three

Iai tourney: 2 tameshigiri. Kata - Crane 1 - 4 raises TN 30: 9d10o9k4+8 45

Iai tourney: tameshigiri damage - 4k0 raises - 1k0 Katana - 1k1+4 CS - TN 28: 10d10o10k5+4 53
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Re: [Day 25 - Early Afternoon] The Iaijutsu Tournament - Demonstration of Skill

Postby Shiba Michio » Tue Mar 07, 2017 5:26 am

Shiba Michio walks out onto the mats, dressed in a juban made of heavy dark gray cotton weave with rose-gold banding around the sleeves and aand black hakama. Resting over his heart is the mon of the Shiba; on his back the mon of the Phoenix. His waist-length queue is braided together today rather than simply gathered with a silk cord.

He bows to the judges and the watchers then stands for a moment, perfectly relaxed, breathing slowly. His body is centered, giving the impression of a pillar that reaches down into the center of the earth and up touch the vault of heaven. When he draws the movement flows with his breath, a deflection followed by eight rapid cuts and a single thrust, then a careful return of blade to saya, his stance as perfect as it was at the start.

Michio gestures for a single tameshigiri to be brought into the center of the room. He settles into a very different stance, body still relaxed, but with the right foot slightly ahead of the left, toe pointed across the center line. His blade whips out, up, down, and across but the tameshigiri seems unharmed. He returns his blade to his saya and tilts his head. Reaching out, he pushes the center of the post, causing the top and center pieces to fall from the base.

He catches the top piece, turns it around, and puts it back on the base. With a bow to the judges he leaves the mats for the next contestant.

(Kata - Balance the Elements 2 Raises - TN 25 - Result 31)
(Cutting - 5 Raises for Extra Attack TN 35 - Result 68 Damage 24)
(Extra Attack - No Raises TN 10 - Result 35 Damage 14)
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Re: [Day 25 - Early Afternoon] The Iaijutsu Tournament - Demonstration of Skill

Postby Utaku Yamada » Tue Mar 07, 2017 6:16 am

Yamada came forward and bowed to the judges. Her face was passive, her on perfect.

In the middle of the mat she adopts the centre stance, sinking into it with a trained familiarity. She waited, still, quiet. Then like a flash of lightning she drew, her katana clearing the saya in one swift, fluid motion as it came down for the strike.

A smile flickered her lips, as if she couldn't quite believe she had done it, but just for a second. She bowed again, but her eyes found Michio's.

Iaijustu, Empire Rests on its Edge, Riding in Harmony, 4 raises with one free. TN 35 - Result 48

She then calls for two tameshigiri. Bows again and then enters centre stance.

They don't see her draw, they just see the blade. Cutting through the two mats as if they were made of tofu. Pleased with the result, she makes another bow to the judges then leaves.

Iaijutsu, Empire Rests on Its Edge, Riding in Harmony - Result 61 Damage
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Re: [Day 25 - Early Afternoon] The Iaijutsu Tournament - Demonstration of Skill

Postby Akodo Kibo » Tue Mar 07, 2017 5:08 pm

Bowing to the judges, Kibo performs his unique kata with unthinking movement. Lost in the motions as he completes the meditative dance, allowing honor to guide his strikes. It is performed well enough, nothing fancy or complicated.

Strength of Purity Kata, two raises, TN 25: 8d10r1o10k3 29

He calls for two tameshigiri, when they are placed together he instead separates into two different targets. One stands vertically, the second horizontally. Kibo spends a moment, centering himself, then strikes diagonally with his typical roar, sundering the two targets cleanly.

Strike two targets, three raises, one free, TN 25: 8d10o10k3 34
Damage, 8k2+3k0+1k1+4=10k4+4: 10d10o10k4+4 50

His demonstration complete, Kibo bows to the judges and returns to his seat.
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Re: [Day 25 - Early Afternoon] The Iaijutsu Tournament - Demonstration of Skill

Postby Mirumoto Kyoshiro » Wed Mar 08, 2017 12:52 am

After taking care of his daughter, Mirumoto Kyoshiro approaches the judges' stand and bows. Taking off his outer layers, he reveals his muscular frame beneath a simple green and gold gi. His blades were placed in the traditional Niten style, and as he drew them forth, a single pure note rings out like a call to prayer. He immediately falls into his kata. For those knowledgeable in such things, he was performing the Empire Rests On Its Edge kata, and reasonable well at that. Once he finished, called for two tameshigiri to be setup and adopted a traditional Niten stance. After a few moments, he lashed out, cutting both effortlessly. Finished, he checked his work, bowed to the judges, then left the ring to sit and wait.

Kata, 1 raise
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