(Duel - Round 1 Day 25 EA) Yamada vs. Karasu

A series of tatami floored rooms ring the dojo. At any given time, wooden and bamboo practice swords can be heard clacking or the sensei lecturing students. Peculiarly enough, compared to most dojo, these sensei speak with more questions than orders. Here, one corner of the ground floor has been reserved for guests to practice their own martial arts. At the center, a larger tatami floor spreads against a short conclave of bleachers. The east wall is occupied by a trio of shrines to Mirumoto, Shinsei and Togashi. A single stone at the base marks the grave of Mirumoto Hojatsu. Akin to the shrine in the village, a banner hangs with the words "Neither Will I."
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Re: (Duel - Round 1 Day 25 EA) Yamada vs. Karasu

Postby Utaku Yamada » Wed Mar 08, 2017 3:49 am

Yamada sheathed her sword and got her hand bandaged up. Like most shallow wounds it stung like hell.

"Thank you Karasu-san," said Yamada. "I truly feel honoured to face one of your skill."
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Re: (Duel - Round 1 Day 25 EA) Yamada vs. Karasu

Postby Kakita Karasu » Wed Mar 08, 2017 3:50 am

/scene. TY
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