[Day 27 NIGHT] What will never be - Duel Thread!

The sinister shadows that lurk at the edges of consciousness have taken control. What monsters dwell in darkness now come into the light of the hearts and minds of samurai. The Sin of Fear is ascendant, and none escape its grasp.
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Soshi Kazusa
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Re: [Day 27 NIGHT] What will never be - Duel Thread!

Postby Soshi Kazusa » Thu Mar 16, 2017 4:03 am

The movements of the Bayushi style took over as the Unicorn's blade swept toward Kazusa. In a deft sidestep, she evaded the attack. To Yamada's side, her blade raised, she saw her body open to attack and plunged in ruthlessly. Every attack was a trick, ever motion a deception as her blade fell upon the shiotome.

The first strike went to the wrist, but as Yamada's kote shifted to guard, the blade viciously bit under her arm between the armor plates. Blood sprayed, causing the Utaku to stagger.

But the Bayushi strike from both above, and below.

Kazusa shifted her stance as Yamada tried to compensate defensively, the sword on high, it danced to one side like a snake. Once, twice, it juked, drawing attention, then it fell straight, out of rhythm and drove from her shoulder to her hip, carving the do-maru and her body open until her insides were displayed for all to see.

Kazusa stepped back and let her fall, still in her stance.

(74 and 83 to hit, 30 and 46 for damage. Please pardon the mislabeling of the second damage roll, you can see the dice are correct)
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Re: [Day 27 NIGHT] What will never be - Duel Thread!

Postby Utaku Yamada » Thu Mar 16, 2017 4:21 am

Yamada fell heavily onto the ground, bleeding profusely from the gash in her stomach. Her katana fell from her hand, completely clean.

Vague shapes swam before her eyes, getting darker. Was one Nakura? She didn't know.

"My love, I will wait for you, follow me..."

[OOC: That last one would have taken me out at full hp. Well done!]
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