[D23, Midday] Bonds of Darkness (Ask)

Geisha within the lands of the Dragon Clan are renowned for their brilliance and wit. Those who live in the shadow of Shiro Mirumoto are far from an exception. The best girls are the most educated and have almost a monkish dedication to the pursuit of beauty through wisdom. The Perch’s okasan is Gion, a keen-tongued singer for whom rumors persist that she is the secret paramore of the Fortune Fukurokujin or is even the Oracle of Fire.
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Re: [D23, Midday] Bonds of Darkness (Ask)

Postby Yogo Katsuyori » Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:48 pm

Katsuyori studied the woman.

"Sadly music was never one of my strong points. I am sure that your choice will be sublime. A certain Bayushi tried to teach me how to be arty, but I never really learned. Don't get me wrong, I ain't a Crab, but I guess in the past I did not have that much free time as I do now. Play something old though, if you may. Something from before this joke. My guest who has left, made me think of the good old times when we all knew who the enemy was."
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