[Day 30, Late Afternoon] Seeya, Wouldn't Want to Be Ya (open)

On the far side of the village, a humble shrine dedicated to the Little Teacher faces towards the gates of Shiro Mirumoto. Beyond the doors, a scroll of the Tao, frayed at the edges, rests open and ready for anyone literate to read. On the far wall hangs more words upon a scroll “Neither will I.”
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[Day 30, Late Afternoon] Seeya, Wouldn't Want to Be Ya (open)

Postby Yoritomo Waito » Tue Mar 21, 2017 6:22 pm

Midori learned so much from the brothers at the shrine. They learned little from him. It's difficult to say who gets more out of their parting as the no-longer green monk bows his thanks.

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The merchant placed the coins in the monk's hand, and to his delight, the man only smiled and handed out more.

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