[Day 0 - Mid Day] Strained noodles [Open]

For generations, the lords of the Dragon Clan have sworn to the quality of the noodle dishes made at this humble establishment. Many guests of the Dragon are delighted at their recommendations only to discover the noodles are made from millet instead of rice. It is said by Kayo’s descendant’s that the Dragon Champion himself blessed this place many generations ago during a rice shortage. Kayo had offered the Togashi Lord his last bowl of rice noodles and had only millet left. From that day forward, his family was never without what they needed.
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Re: [Day 0 - Mid Day] Strained noodles [Open]

Postby Bayushi Inaho » Fri Jan 13, 2017 5:01 am

Inaho simply raises an eyebrow, quite visibly inquisitive, towards Kazusa. And says nothing.
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