Day 0 Early Afternoon Feed the Hunger (Open)

For generations, the lords of the Dragon Clan have sworn to the quality of the noodle dishes made at this humble establishment. Many guests of the Dragon are delighted at their recommendations only to discover the noodles are made from millet instead of rice. It is said by Kayo’s descendant’s that the Dragon Champion himself blessed this place many generations ago during a rice shortage. Kayo had offered the Togashi Lord his last bowl of rice noodles and had only millet left. From that day forward, his family was never without what they needed.
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Day 0 Early Afternoon Feed the Hunger (Open)

Postby Akodo Zetsubou » Sat Jan 07, 2017 7:25 pm

After spending some time setting up his room in the Embassy, (although the peasants would tell you he appeared out of nowhere...) The Creature that had been briefly spotted about the Castle arrived at Kayo's noodles. His layers of brown and gold kimono's made him to appear to be a man, but his red hair and golden, hungry cat eyes was proof enough for almost all to give him a wide berth.

Some say he is the Spider Delegate

Some say he is gaijin, perhaps from the Colonies

I say he is not natural, must be one of those things created by them Phoenix

Well, he is clearly not human, must be a beast.....

Akodo Zetsubou heard all those comments, and more. Yet, when he saw the famed Kayo's Noodles shop, he found they were correct about one thing. He was hungry. So entranced with all the new sights and people he had forgotten to eat. So, he stepped in, and sat down. As a understandably nervous servant brought over a large bowl of ramen, The Lion gazed at the passerby's on the street. a gaze that, although with hungry, unnatural eyes, maybe hinted at a sadness, a long accepted loneliness, for no matter what he tried, many would only see him as a beast, trying to feed a hunger.
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