[D20, EM] Feeding the Heimin

A simple house almost indistinct from the other homes, save for a banner to mark the home of the village headman, Hiroki. Hiroki takes his position as seriously as any proper Samurai would take theirs. He has placed security as a top priority throughout winter and has taken extra steps to ensure the safety of the heimin.
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[D20, EM] Feeding the Heimin

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While the headman had not seen the two hooded figures for a few days, he is happily surprised when he spots them dragging a cart, heavily burdened with what he assumes is food, in the direction of his house.

When the two hooded figures arrive, they apologize for not coming the last few days. They inform the headman that the rice and other foodstuffs in the cart will be able to suffice for that absence and also feed the heimin of the village for some time. They leave the cart behind for now, as they know it will take a while for their donation to be properly distributed to the heimin of Two Heavens Village and that it may be useful in that regard.

As the two hooded figures leave and return to the place from whence they came, the headman can be heard shouting at other heimin to begin distributing the food as the hooded figures intended, and finding a place to house the extra un-Tainted food for when the heimin will need it in the future.

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