[Day 30, Late Morning] No Need (open)

Perhaps where the improvised nature of this year’s court is punctuated most is here at the stables. The far-traveling guests rest their steeds and ponies here, leaving the stable master in over his head with caring for triple the number of horses he would in a typical season.
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[Day 30, Late Morning] No Need (open)

Postby Yoritomo Waito » Tue Mar 21, 2017 6:13 pm

Monks don't ride. They walk. So, here's Midori, giving away that horse that brought Yoritomo Waito to court. They were never friends, but a walk out of the mountains is sure to be far less enjoyable without her.

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The merchant placed the coins in the monk's hand, and to his delight, the man only smiled and handed out more.

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