[Day 30, Early Morning] The Woman in White (II)

Even in the heart of Winter, Mirumoto samurai wake before dawn to practice their morning kata upon the graveled courtyard. Hatsuto-sensei inspects their skill to ensure that the discipline of the Dragon never falters.
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[Day 30, Early Morning] The Woman in White (II)

Postby Daigotsu Yukari » Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:57 am

With Court at an end, Daigotsu/Nobumoto/Arashi/Tenmei/Morishita Yukari once more brought Garu out to watch the Mirumoto drill.

With spring, they would march to join the Shogun's armies.
Most, perhaps all of them, would die.

She opened Garu's cage,and the small bird fluttered out to perch on a nearby shrub.

For her, Court had been an almost uninterrupted string of successes.
Otosan Uchi's prominence was certain to rise-between the Lion's library, the Mantis and Zogeki trade, the presence of the Unicorn Clan's noncombatants, the Scorpion Embassy... Perhaps the Emperor Himself would decide to take up residence in the old Capital. Even if he didn't, the city was poised to become ever more important, assuming any of them survived the next few years.

Zogeku was free....and friendly. All of the meetings, the letters, all of the risks she had run... worth it. The Rinjin would perfect their forms of strength, and they would add to the greater whole. New power, new ideas, new alignments... she hoped to visit someday, but even if she never set foot in Zogeku, it had become a part of her... and to judge by Morishita Konjō's words, they felt the same.

Haihime would travel from Clan to Clan. Her vast potential might well be realized with the wisdom of the Clans behind her.

The Order of the Spider were to receive a chance to be seen as something other than heretics. She hoped they would have the wisdom to seize it.

The Yotsu were part of the family now... and thanks to Morishita Konjō, the hereditary illness which had plagued Hagane could be treated, even cured.

She had come in second in the Iaijutsu tournament, true, but there was no shame in that, when the winner was then proposed for the post of Emerald Champion.

She had made a connection with the Scorpion Clan-and more importantly, had made a friend.

For the first time in many years, Yukari felt the future was truly worth fighting for.

Drawing her blades, she joined the Mirumoto in their drilling, and did not falter.

Kanpeki will never rest secure on his throne- even if all of Jigoku bends to his will, he will never be safe. If he crushes us, drives us to the four winds, his reign will bring him no victory.

Because he will rule in abject fear. Fear that one day, we will come back.

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