[Day 29, EE, Private] Schrodinger's tea and riceballs.

The Dragon Clan Champion keeps a limited but aptly chosen selection of tea for his guests. No reservations are required, but Lord Shikei does encourage guests to wait patiently between uses.
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Re: [Day 29, EE, Private] Schrodinger's tea and riceballs.

Postby Moshi Janisha » Tue Mar 21, 2017 8:05 pm

Janisha bows in reply, "I have long had correspondence with Koyo-san via letter... I eagerly look forward to writing far more letters now then I have in the past. I hope you would not mind if your name is joined on that list. You have been a delight to talk to, and I hope I will one day we shall sit down and share art and stories under those brighter circumstances you mentioned. Perhaps we will take up the pipe and use each others first names again once more."

A final feeling of glee washes through her at the compliment and she added, "No more envied then your husband will be for having you as his bride. It is truly the most wondrous thing for you to have such a small and simple mask, that enhances such beauty instead of hiding it."

/scene I think.
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Re: [Day 29, EE, Private] Schrodinger's tea and riceballs.

Postby Bayushi Onasugamiso » Tue Mar 21, 2017 8:19 pm

The Bayushi chuckles. "I will write to you and await eagerly for any chance to meet either in a formal or a more relaxed environment. Fortuned watch over you until then." With that she departs.

/OOC: Thank you for the scene :D
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