[EVENT, Day 10, Early Evening] Unicorn Storytelling

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Kakita Kyoumi
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Re: [EVENT, Day 10, Early Evening] Unicorn Storytelling

Postby Kakita Kyoumi » Tue Jan 31, 2017 8:31 pm

Kyoumi nods. "That is good to know." She bows. "We maybe can speakk more later." She makes her way through the crowd again

[PM to approach]
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Re: [EVENT, Day 10, Early Evening] Unicorn Storytelling

Postby Soshi Kazusa » Tue Jan 31, 2017 9:24 pm

Kazusa take the baton, and addresses the gathering.

"There was once a powerful lord who had many retainers", she says. "A strong smith, a courteous diplomat, wise karo, a dutiful general, adventurous hunter, an honest priest, a loyal spy, a determined yojimbo and a compassionate cavalryman. They all wished to see their lord succeed, and each had their own very strong ideas on how their lord should be served.

One day, it was time to prove for each of them how best they could do so. Their lord called for them and in his court, he posed the question.

How do you each best serve me, and who among you is my greatest vassal?

The smith claimed it was with his strength, and he shattered his lord's blade to prove it.

The diplomat claimed it was though courtesy, and then filled his own cup as an example.

The karo claimed wisdom made him the greatest vassal, then sat upon a rock, removing himself from the discussion, and so served nothing.

The general advocated that it was his devotion to duty that made him the greatest, and offered his head to his lord.

The hunter boasted he was the greatest because of his daring, then eloped with the lord's daughter to prove it so.

The priest of course claimed honesty...but he had much to hide, and did not believe it himself.

The spy told the lord his loyalty made him the greatest, and he would be certain to tell his other lord the same.

The yojimbo, a youth, but an unstoppable one, claimed his determination made him greatest, snarling at the others to contest him...but the others placated him simply.

And it was the cavalry man who claimed compassion, but there was no mercy in the thundering of hooves. Least of all through the courtroom."

Kazusa smiles, trying not to laugh to herself. "And so it would be then, that the lord would give his decision on the matter...but you see, the vassals had all done such terrible and foolish things that they were all cast out of the castle."

She stands there silently, looking as if there might be more, but then bows and hands the baton off.
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Re: [EVENT, Day 10, Early Evening] Unicorn Storytelling

Postby Daigotsu Yukari » Tue Jan 31, 2017 9:29 pm

Yukari muffled her laughter behind her hands.


This is why I like you, Soshi-sama. Never a dull moment.
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Re: [EVENT, Day 10, Early Evening] Unicorn Storytelling

Postby Suzume Kenichi » Tue Jan 31, 2017 9:59 pm

Kenichi appreciates Oda's story and the hardships he has endured, and the he is happy to see Janisha take the baton and listens intently to her story. An act of bravery worth remembrance..

When the Soshi takes the baton he is unsure what he will make of her story. He is intrigued, but is unsure what to make of the ending. Apparently, he is not the only one.
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Re: [EVENT, Day 10, Early Evening] Unicorn Storytelling

Postby Shosuro Megumi » Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:14 pm

After Kazusa's story Megumi has to hide her smile behind her fan. I was hard not to look proud either, but she manages.
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Re: [EVENT, Day 10, Early Evening] Unicorn Storytelling

Postby Bayushi Onasugamiso » Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:30 pm

When it is Onasugamiso's turn, the courtier smirks and narrates,

The samurai knelt in front of the shrine while his mother waved him goodnight yet another day. He never noticed how his playful twin appeared next to him.

“A little truth, brother?” The masked man asked after emerging from the shadows that had already started filling the room. His sibling nodded.

“A good yojimbo knows when it is time to protect her charge. From herself.” The masked man chuckled and before his brother had a chance to respond, he vanished once again.

With that she hands the baton off.
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Re: [EVENT, Day 10, Early Evening] Unicorn Storytelling

Postby Utaku Yamada » Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:38 pm

Yoritomo Mei wrote:
Utaku Yamada wrote:"Well, I suppose it does, Yoritomo-san," said Yamada thoughtfully. "I thought there could be something said about the difference between doing the correct thing and the right thing."

"You mean, the difference between fulfilling our duty or our principles?" she pauses briefly, and complements with a smile "I must say, miss Utaku, maybe Unicorn and Mantis have more in common than we thought! I would like to know what more we have in common... The welfare of our people is above all, for example! What would it be like for the Unicorn?"

"Like what you said, Yoritomo-san," said Yamada. "I have seen much of the common people of Rokugan in my travels, and I know this: honour and bushido do not fill the bellies of the hungry, they do not stop the hordes of enemies from slaughtering the innocent. These ideals serve us well as samurai, but try telling them to a hungry, desperate peasant and do not be surprised if he cuts your throat to take the little rice you have."
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Re: [EVENT, Day 10, Early Evening] Unicorn Storytelling

Postby Shiba Michio » Wed Feb 01, 2017 1:02 am

Bayushi Onasugamiso wrote:When it is Onasugamiso's turn, the courtier smirks and narrates,


With that she hands the baton off.

Michio bows his head and smiles in silent acknowledgement of a story well told.
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Re: [EVENT, Day 10, Early Evening] Unicorn Storytelling

Postby Toku Tari » Wed Feb 01, 2017 4:40 am

Toki Tari had taken the time to sit quietly and learn what she could from the various different speakers. She knew that her live was different than most here and her experiences were quite foreign to many of them. Those lessons that allowed her to mostly fit in with her peers here were things she learned from her father about a land she barely knew.

Still, she had put it off long enough and she wouldn't let this pass in silence. So when the banton was being passed, she moved forward to take it. Calmly she moved to the stage and collected herself to put her own skills to the test.

"They say that Medinat al-Salaam, is the city of a thousand stories. Having grown up in the shadow of such a place, one cannot help but learn a few. I would be pleased to share one with you now. "

Her voice seems to adopt the lyrical tone of a trained performer, the cadence and tenor seeming to grow to fill the entire space. You have a feeling that she would have been breaking into action would that not have cut into the dignity of the occasion.

"It is said in the Burning Sands to the East of the Great City there is a small town called Gethari. A valuable stop upon many of the Eastern trade routes, it was centered around an oasis born of an underground river flowing briefly to the service. As one of the few places to draw water and supplies, its prosperity grew until one day the local headman grew greedy. He convinced the villages if they could just excavate the underground river they would be able to increase the amount of people able to travel and perhaps grow more crops.

And so they dug into the earth and uncovered a cave through which the river flowed. This likely would have been enough, but they also discovered a diamond of unprecedented clarity and quality. Though the headman wisely hide away such wealth, knowing it would eventually draw the attention of the powerful to take such a thing from their town. Unfortunately, the gem's intrinsic purity had sealed a great evil within the depths of the earth. It soon began roaming the land and slaying villagers in the night.

The Headman, in his desperation, offered the gem to anyone who could slay the beast. Heroes and adventurers from every corner of the Burning Sands came to the town to contest with the creature and win a prize. Skilled swordsman and cunning magi fell one by one in their attempt to gain the gem for their own.

Despair hung about the town like a shroud, when a single aged warrior came to the village. He was past the prime of his youth and was a retainer of the lord of a nearby province. He told the headman that he would stop the creature and asked that the gem along with his affects be sent to his lord when he did.

The people of the village had grown cynical and jaded. How could this old man, succeed where so many younger and fitter warriors had failed. Still, they agreed to honor the warriors request. Clad in his armor and with only a torch and his sword, he went down into the earth. And from that place, such sounds would shake your heart issued forth. A battle unlike any they'd ever heard before was being waged. By the time the sounds had faded enough that they were willing to venture down, they found the warrior dying, his blade driven into the heart of the beast.

When they asked how he had done this thing, he told them that the previous warriors had been fighting to live and he had been fighting to win. In their way, they left the sword in the creature who seemed not to decay and buried the warrior at the entrance to the underground. They say the warrior's spirit guards over them still. As for the diamond, the fortune it brought rescued the province from financial ruin. So never forget what one might accomplish, if one is willing to die in the doing. "

She then bows, and pass on the baton.
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Re: [EVENT, Day 10, Early Evening] Unicorn Storytelling

Postby Kaiu Oda » Wed Feb 01, 2017 4:59 am

Soshi Kazusa wrote:...

Hmph, he was a poor smith if his blades shattered so easily.
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