Day 16 midday Against all odds (ask)

None could honestly say the gardens of Shiro Mirumoto are the most glorious, at least not since the Dragon Clan's setting of the trend centuries ago. But they are still serene and provocative in the way that only the Dragon can make them. A few evergreens dot the landscape. Stones here are plentiful and the winter snow compliments, rather than subdues, its beauty. The evergreen plants here have been pruned and arranged to represent the winter of the life of Mirumoto who died in his prime fighting during the Day of Thunder
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Day 16 midday Against all odds (ask)

Postby Akodo Zetsubou » Tue Feb 14, 2017 2:39 pm

While the Lion saw that others were in the Gardens at this time, he made no move to be near them. In fact he avoided them at all costs. He found a corner away from the others, holding a single red rose, awaiting with hope she would arrive.
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