[Day 24, Early Afternoon] In questa reggia (Open)

None could honestly say the gardens of Shiro Mirumoto are the most glorious, at least not since the Dragon Clan's setting of the trend centuries ago. But they are still serene and provocative in the way that only the Dragon can make them. A few evergreens dot the landscape. Stones here are plentiful and the winter snow compliments, rather than subdues, its beauty. The evergreen plants here have been pruned and arranged to represent the winter of the life of Mirumoto who died in his prime fighting during the Day of Thunder
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[Day 24, Early Afternoon] In questa reggia (Open)

Postby Daigotsu Yukari » Mon Mar 06, 2017 2:05 am

Yukari sat, giving the garden her apparently undivided attention.

Of course, not even the sparrow up her sleeve could distract her completely.

Now that the Zogeki are not to be samurai...

How do I frame the marriage contract between Hagane and Konjo?
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