[D28 EE]To Master Hatsuto

The personal abode of the Master of Iron Mountain dojo. Mirumoto Hatsuto keeps the ear of the Dragon Clan Champion close and is available to provide counsel on a moment’s notice… assuming he is not busy at the dojo.
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[D28 EE]To Master Hatsuto

Postby Soshi Kazusa » Wed Mar 15, 2017 11:21 pm

A letter arrived for the sensei, it appeared official, written on thick paper with neat and readable calligraphy.

Master Hatsuto,
The weather is fine in the mountains, and your clan has been a gracious host which has left us wanting for nothing. Therefore it pains me deeply that events at the dueling ring this afternoon transpired the way that they did. I cannot speak for others in this matter, but my own actions were not that of a student of The Art, but of one succumbing to action when it was your wisdom that was called for. I can make no excuse and humbly beg your forgiveness. Please call upon me for any matter you may have a need, I owe you much more than that.

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