[Day 30, Mid-day] Good Riddance (open)

A winding, half-mile trek through a cliff-walled pass beyond Two Heaven Village stands the austere fortress to the Dragon Clan’s military arm. The most elite samurai of the Dragon stand sentry over the gate to Shiro Mirumoto. None enter the castle without their knowledge and any who try are dealt with expediently. The main gates close after dark and open at dawn.
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Yoritomo Waito
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[Day 30, Mid-day] Good Riddance (open)

Postby Yoritomo Waito » Tue Mar 21, 2017 6:15 pm

He won't be back. What reason could possibly draw Midori the monk to come back to the castles of the Dragon? So, he strides out of those gates with no backward glance.

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The merchant placed the coins in the monk's hand, and to his delight, the man only smiled and handed out more.

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Re: [Day 30, Mid-day] Good Riddance (open)

Postby Soshi Kazusa » Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:44 pm

A figure passes by the gates, and notes the monk leaving. She thinks to call out, possibly to ask where he might go...but what does a samurai worry for over a monk? He goes to see what is next, that's all anyone can do.

Kazusa pulled her quilted jacket tighter, puffing off her pipe as she watched him leave. From what she understood, the man named Yoritomo Waito had fallen on the blade meant for his master...yet in the end his master had given up everything for the cursed woman of Zogeku.

And now someone in bed with a so-called Dark Fortune will navigate the Mantis waters...

It wasn't something she cared to think about. Janisha was everything she assessed, she had many facets and of those too many were failings to Kazusa's mind.

One cannot worship a creature of Jigoku and call themselves pure, the taint isn't something as simple as black blood.

Letting out a waft of smoke she gazed at the leaving monk. She thought he was going the right direction, away from the Dragon's castle, but would he go where he was needed? Was there anywhere that needed him? Kazusa thought that if he came to a farm house and helped the people there find a moment of peace, then perhaps that was what he was needed for. A multitude of passages from the Tao came to mind on that, but she banished the information.

The monk called Midori might have some destiny yet, Kazusa decided. She bowed to his back as he went down the road.
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