A Letter to the Crane Clan (EM day 26)

A row of storehouses have been converted into guest quarters just north-facing the training grounds. The Crane Clan Occupy the center-left building. Their accommodations are modestly furnished with notable works of art taking up one sliding door wall in the middle. One panel is a painting of Shiro Daidoji, the matching panel reveals a di-glyph, showing a landscape of the Kosaten Province beyond.
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A Letter to the Crane Clan (EM day 26)

Postby Moshi Janisha » Fri Mar 10, 2017 11:24 am

A letter arrives at the Crane Embassy. The paper is high quality, slightly thicker then necessary and Orange in colour. The Kanji on the paper is clear, crisp, and formal, but the page lacks any scents or imagery.

To the Honourable delegates of the Crane Clan.
As the final days of court approach, this one sees a great need to bring a degree of formality to the conversation I had with Kakita Kyoumi. The idea she presented to me there has merit and I do need to make at least one more formal attempt to pitch the idea I shared with her. Should any agreement between our two clans be reached, it must be done so before the Zogeku Petition to give the Emperor a chance to hear and decide if such a thing is allowable.

In the interest of meeting such Obligations and traditions, this one humbly requests to meet all of you in the Zogeku Embassy on [Day 27] in the [Late Afternoon].

Once again, we would like to state our thanks to the representatives of the Crane Clan for their aid and support this court. We could not have come this far without your aid on the Dais.

May the Jade Sun Watch over you all,
Janisha of Zogeku
Priestess of the Sun.
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