[Day 26 LE] An Unfinished Story for Daidoji Nozomi

A row of storehouses have been converted into guest quarters just north-facing the training grounds. The Crane Clan Occupy the center-left building. Their accommodations are modestly furnished with notable works of art taking up one sliding door wall in the middle. One panel is a painting of Shiro Daidoji, the matching panel reveals a di-glyph, showing a landscape of the Kosaten Province beyond.
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[Day 26 LE] An Unfinished Story for Daidoji Nozomi

Postby Kakita Kyoumi » Sun Mar 12, 2017 8:03 pm

Yet another letter is passed behind the Shoji Screen. It is written on plain white paper with black calligraphy ink. The ink has smeared and the paper has dimpled in one or two places.

To Shireikan Daidoji Nozomi-sama,

I write to inform you of the results of our petition.
The writ has been partially rescinded. The Crane may continue to create and use the weapons of gaijin powder against the enemy in defense of their own lands, or in service to the Imperial Legions under the Shogun. The Shogun will have the authority of the Empire to determine which foes it is just to bring these weapons into use against.

In this, the requirement of the seppuku of the Daidoji for breaking the secrecy regarding gaijin powder and gaijin weapons is overturned. The requirement is also overturned in case of an accidental mis-use, theft, or lapse of honor. The one causing such a lapse would be considered a blasphemer with a daisho, not of the Crane, and should be treated accordingly, but it lifts the weight of the penalty from the whole family.

However, the Emperor utterly rejects allowing other clans to research such weapons, or any sharing of such goods. If any among the Crane are found to be trading in these weapons, encouraging their research, or assisting in their manufacture, then the Daidoji will all present their swords and die to cleanse the shame of allowing the technology to spread.

In addition, the Crane are ordered to present their weapons to an Imperial inspector to be cataloged and marked. They have one year to do so.

The Imperial Advisor has also clarified that there will be no trade with the gaijin in forbidden weapons and blasphemous artifacts. Any found with such without express Imperial approval will be executed without trial.

Shireikan, I am sorry I could not secure a more complete release of the Daidoji from their bonds. It is the nature of power for others to seek it, and the nature of secrets to become exposed in the light. It will become a requirement for us to find, throughout the Empire, any seeds of development in these new technologies in other clans and either bring them into the Clan for ourselves, or remove them before they grow. But you understand far more about that than I.

This will mean that the trip to Maerena would be dangerous and have little benefit. However, I have an alternative I might humbly offer, which I can present to you on the last day of court, I hope.

Thank you for allowing this one the opportunity to serve.

Kakita Kyoumi

It is marked with the family chop of Kakita Kashiwa.
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