Display of Daisho and other embassy modifications

A row of storehouses have been converted into guest quarters just north-facing the training grounds. The Crane Clan Occupy the center-left building. Their accommodations are modestly furnished with notable works of art taking up one sliding door wall in the middle. One panel is a painting of Shiro Daidoji, the matching panel reveals a di-glyph, showing a landscape of the Kosaten Province beyond.
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Re: Display of Daisho and other embassy modifications

Postby Kakita Kyoumi » Sat Mar 04, 2017 9:24 pm

Also, more on the other side, near the the aquamarine sphere engraved with Crane and spear, is a beautiful little potted pansy growing where it can catch the sunlight and still be nice and warm. It is planted in what seems to be a crack in a larger stone, growing out of apparent adversity.
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