[Day 26 EM] Wedding Invitation: Ide and Kakita

A row of storehouses have been converted into guest quarters just north-facing the training grounds. The Lion Clan Occupy the far left build. At the far end of the common room, a scroll of the finest paper sits across a simple table. Painted in black upon the surface is a single large kanji, "kokoro"(mind, heart, spirit). The remaining scroll is otherwise blank.
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[Day 26 EM] Wedding Invitation: Ide and Kakita

Postby Kakita Kyoumi » Thu Mar 09, 2017 5:09 pm

An invitation is sent, written on fine paper of pure white wrapped in another piece of paper of bright blue, then folded into the shape of an octagon.

When opened the invitation reads:

It is with joy that the Crane invite all the delegates of the Lion clan to the wedding of Ide Kousuda and Kakita Kyoumi at the Shrine of Hotei on the 29th day of Court in the Early Afternoon, to be followed by a pleasant gathering of friends at the Crane Embassy. We hope to be graced by your presence on this happy occasion.

The invitation is marked with the Mon of the Crane Clan.
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