[Day 25 Midday] An awaited letter arrives

A row of storehouses have been converted into guest quarters just north-facing the training grounds. The Lion Clan Occupy the far left build. At the far end of the common room, a scroll of the finest paper sits across a simple table. Painted in black upon the surface is a single large kanji, "kokoro"(mind, heart, spirit). The remaining scroll is otherwise blank.
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Tamori Nikako
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[Day 25 Midday] An awaited letter arrives

Postby Tamori Nikako » Thu Mar 09, 2017 5:33 pm

A definitely not time-travelling letter arrives, folded like a mountain with two peaks, of which the tallest was tipped with red. The letter itself was thicker than usual and grey, but had been brushed over with something to give it a silver sheen. A closer inspection of the letter gives off a subtle scent of rose.

Inside the letter were a few items accompanying it. A white camellia yet to bloom intertwined with a snowdrop and a few needles of a matsu.

The letter is addressed to "The one who conquered the snow"
Inside, the calligraphy is thoughtful in white, though a sharp eye may note the barest hint of pink in the ink.

Time in rivers flow
Now, with gentle thought of you
Slowly melts as snow

A scent of Lilac
My gentle art set on point
To tell a story

Jade sun greets us soon
White camellia now blooms
Where I rest I wait

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Akodo Zetsubou
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Re: [Day 25 Midday] An awaited letter arrives

Postby Akodo Zetsubou » Thu Mar 09, 2017 8:23 pm

A letter is not returned, but a bouquet of red roses is delivered to the Dragon Embassy. In the center, sits a pink rose. Upon careful inspection its is actually a thick letter in pink color, with silver writing. Inside the rose, which does smell as one, there is a forget me not, a white camellia, and Matsu needles that combine the two.

The letter reads.

To the Defender of the defeated,

The river flows, even in the Winter, far too fast.
Oh, to have the river freeze. To stay here, forever.

The story is remembered, and told, so I may stay young.
So I may live in joy forever.

May the forget me nots intertwine with the Carmellias
Where you rest, may my soul ever be.
It awaits the Lion there, to stay indefinite.
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Tamori Nikako
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Re: [Day 25 Midday] An awaited letter arrives

Postby Tamori Nikako » Fri Mar 10, 2017 7:56 am

Returned was a folded box of blue color and heavy paper, around it tied a yellow ribbon.

Inside was no letter, but instead a length of braided pink band lay coiled, long enough to be tied around the upper arm. Set into the braid, starting from each side, was anemones, then violets closely set with bluebell, then lavender, and in the middle closely flanked on each by morning glory and snowdrops, where two forget-me-nots, their stems crossing just below the bloom.
Between each set of flowers, a matsu needle had been woven into the braid. The charm held a scent of ginger.

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