[Day 30 Night] An Empty Nest

Occupying the center-right building north of the training grounds is the Phoenix embassy. The furnishing are serene, but in the heart, a rock garden stands. Several large stones dot the landscape. Perhaps disturbingly, they are all split in two by some mighty tool, exposing jagged cracks or simply have pieces sheared off and laying in sand.
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[Day 30 Night] An Empty Nest

Postby Isawa Akiko » Wed Mar 22, 2017 12:07 am

Akiko sits with her shamisen, plucking the strings with bashi and her fingers. It is not tuneless, but it does not seem to be music. The notes echo, over the broken garden, and all the empty rooms.

They have all gone, now. Some are Phoenix no longer. One is something more. All that remains are herself and her husband, and their wings are not to be spread at all.

She prays for them, all of them, these birds who were her family for the month, silently, eyes closed, as the notes twang softly in the darkened air.
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