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Re: [Day 29 Midday] Entertaining a new champion

Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2017 8:51 am
by Suzume Kenichi
Moshi Janisha wrote:(( OOC:I am going to presume that Shibatsu has answered as I want to know what our Susme has for a gift.))

The conversation finished for a second, Janisha turns to the Suzume, " And what of you Suzume-san. My path forward is surprisingly clear, but I am curious what fate awaits you."

"It is, as yet, unclear. However, it is looking more likely that an attempt to regain the Golden Sun Plains will be made. The Sparrow Clan will wish to offer you a more appropriate gift in the fullness of time, but for the moment, I would be honoured if you would accept these tokens of our appreciation. The first was written to thank you for this very purpose, the second was written rather more quickly..." he smiles "... as a response to this morning's news."

He holds out the two scrolls. One is written on yellow paper, the other on orange paper.

Re: [Day 29 Midday] Entertaining a new champion

Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2017 9:05 am
by Suzume Kenichi
( OOC I'll edit this later if you want to do the dance )

After the dance of refusals he gives her the scrolls.

The first is written on yellow paper with brown ink, scented with Iris and with a carnation petal clipped to it.
The second is written on orange paper with green ink, scented with camomile and with a daffodil petal clipped to it.

On them are written a haiku each.

The first

During winter’s strife
Where home no longer exists
Old friends remember.

And the second

This time for heroes
Beckons forth one unforeseen
Brought by many legs.

( Calligraphy rolls viewtopic.php?p=67382#p67382 40 and 41 respectively )

Re: [Day 29 Midday] Entertaining a new champion

Posted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 5:12 pm
by Moshi Janisha
Janisha offered the refusals in turn her eyes delighting in the scrolls, and the poetry. Finally upon accepting them she said, "It is moments like these, we remember that the Sparrow were once the Crane, and share Lady Doji's love and talent for art. Thank you Suzume-san...they are beautiful, and you have quite a talent in this regard."

Let us hope I can be the hero he thinks me worthy of being.