[Day 29 - Early Morning] A Final Painting

The Children of the Ki-Rin have opted to spare their hosts too crowded a castle and have set a small camp of several yurts encircling Moto Chinua's personal Chomchog tent. On the day of their arrival, a servant of the Dragon lord gifts the Unicorn a pair of small statues. One is Bishamon, carved in wood. The other, Ebisu, forged in steel. Lord Chinua has left the pair on display in the heart of camp.
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[Day 29 - Early Morning] A Final Painting

Postby Ide Kousuda » Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:06 pm

Kousuda rushes back to his yurt from the Phoenix embassy after accepting a quick bite to eat. He still had a duty to do while he was still a Unicorn. Chinua had asked him to paint something, a token that he would be unable to give.

Kousuda mulled over some ideas, some inspiration.

It would help the Blessed Herd if things went more smoothly, politically, between the two clans.

Hmmm... The Herd. The Phoenix. Why does the Herd need a new home? Perhaps something like a narrative scroll, though, with less words.

He begins the painting.


Sometime later, he finishes the piece.

It is something similar to a narrative, but without the words. It depicts a single great steed of the Blessed Herd grazing in the plains of the Unicorn before the war. The next image show it dashing through the ruins of it's home, through the wreckage and corrupt Unicorn lands. The next image shows it grazing in the Sands, at a luscious oasis, vibrant, full of life, but perhaps a bit too small for the Herd. The next image shows it returning to Rokugan, through war-scarred wastelands. Finally, the last image shows the rest of the Blessed Herd, grazing, running, living in the lands of the Phoenix. The whole thing is tastefully done, attention paid to each stroke of the brush, every detail of the magnificent steeds of the Unicorn, and even subtle references and identifiers within the wreckage of Rokugan, the oasis of the Sands, and even the plains of the Phoenix, to show that they are all founded in reality, real places.

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