[Day 30 LE] And so, good night

The Children of the Ki-Rin have opted to spare their hosts too crowded a castle and have set a small camp of several yurts encircling Moto Chinua's personal Chomchog tent. On the day of their arrival, a servant of the Dragon lord gifts the Unicorn a pair of small statues. One is Bishamon, carved in wood. The other, Ebisu, forged in steel. Lord Chinua has left the pair on display in the heart of camp.
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[Day 30 LE] And so, good night

Postby Utaku Yamada » Tue Mar 21, 2017 4:30 am

On the last night of court before they left the mountains, Yamada lay alone on the bed she had shared with her husband for so short a time.

When she left, she would go with Saeki to secure the new home for the Blessed Herd. And then?

She put her hands across her belly where her and Nskura's child grew. Such hope for the future, their future but her future no more.

There are things I must protect you from. Even me. One day perhaps I will explain to you why I did this.
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