[Day 31] The Unicorn Leave

The Children of the Ki-Rin have opted to spare their hosts too crowded a castle and have set a small camp of several yurts encircling Moto Chinua's personal Chomchog tent. On the day of their arrival, a servant of the Dragon lord gifts the Unicorn a pair of small statues. One is Bishamon, carved in wood. The other, Ebisu, forged in steel. Lord Chinua has left the pair on display in the heart of camp.
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[Day 31] The Unicorn Leave

Postby Utaku Yamada » Wed Mar 22, 2017 5:55 am

Early morning, the Unicorn strike camp. The yurts are disassembled and put on to carts, ready for where they will be next. After a few farewells, there remains little of where they had once stood and of what happened only carried in the memories of those leaving.

Yamada rides Yoru with Shinjo Saeki, determined not to look back. But at the last moment she does. Memories flood back...her wedding...their triumph at Hikahime's release...the many, many times she had met with the other clans to forge a new path and a new future.

For now, she would go with Saeki, secure the new home for the herd. Then, before the year was out seek out Karasu. They could trust him with the Empire, she could trust him with her child.

And from there? Well, who knew of the path she was to travel with Michio, holding back the darkness of Heaven's wrath that would consume the world if he was let.

Saeki looked back at her, it was time.
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