[Day 0, Late Afternoon] Last-minute Shopping (Open)

One may wonder how courtiers are ever able to find the perfect flower to ensemble their poems or gift one to their secret paramour when they are very much out of season. By the power of the kami, Tamori Mei has solved this problem at the florist shop where blooms of every seed can be found year-round.
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[Day 0, Late Afternoon] Last-minute Shopping (Open)

Postby Iuchi Hiroshige » Sun Jan 08, 2017 2:41 pm

Hiroshige is browsing through the different flower selections, a few already held in one hand. Shika is also looking at the various blossoms, many of which she has never seen. As she looks at one in particular, a simple cherry blossom, her grandfather notices her attention out of the corner of his eye.

"Do you remember what I have taught you, Shika-chan? What is the meaning of the sakura blossom?"

She thinks for a moment before answering. "The sakura represents kindness and gentleness, doesn't it?"

"Indeed, child. You know, you parents almost named you after that flower." He goes back to browsing, while Shika looks on at the cherry blossoms, now thinking about her name and what it might have been.
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