[Day 30, Late Morning] Keepsakes (Open)

A generation ago, retiring samurai Mirumoto Baan failed his quest to reach the High House of light to find the wisdom and power of the monks residing there. Dejected at his failure, he settled back near the home of his lord and took up the needle of the tattoo artist. His agile hands soon proved worthy as the old man discovered his latent talent.
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[Day 30, Late Morning] Keepsakes (Open)

Postby Daigotsu Yukari » Tue Mar 21, 2017 8:16 am

Daigotsu Yukari rolled her sleeve up and peered into the middle distance.

She'd never gotten a tattoo before, but she'd never wintered in the Dragon mountains before.
She'd never befriended a Scorpion.
She'd never faced a Kakita in a duel.
She'd never been made an honorary Rinjin.

It had been a winter of firsts.

And besides, if anyone knew how to ink ryu, it would be an artist among the Dragon.
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