Day 25midday] reflections on the breeze (one shot-closed)

Somewhere close but secluded, fishers in the Dragon mountains scale, cut, and cook one of the Clan’s more discreet dishes, mountain tuna. The mere sight of so much blood may be enough to make any decent samurai sick, although the world as it stands has changed and perhaps fewer are willing to reject this unorthodox source of protein.
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Day 25midday] reflections on the breeze (one shot-closed)

Postby Shosuro Tosaku » Tue Mar 07, 2017 3:33 am

The man walked into the fishery yet again. This place held a sort of comfort for the man. In a way he was sure no one would really understand. In thirty seven years of life he had never thought he would ever be in the position he was in right now. Sure he had run into trouble before getting information and passing it. Sure he had done the foolish things when he was younger. Seventeen years it had been since he had spent any time worrying about a full empire winter court. He had known coming here would present new traps and problems all their own.

He was a man of silence and if contemplation right now. What was he contemplating on well that depended on him you wanted to break down the walls around his shadowed heart. He was not brash not callous but he could be. He was though in his own way stubborn. The scorpion playing unicorn stretched himself out as he found a spot out of the way in the fishery. He needed a moment to himself out of the chaos of everything around him. In a place that held that familiar smell that calmed to storm momentarily.

Twenty five days it had been since this court started. Five since a certain crab had decided to deal a major blow to the scorpion though it would be taken care of one way or another whether they wanted it to be or not. But this same crab had the gull to say words to this man that had him here today. No one truly understood the things they did for the empire. No one truly understood where their strength lay. No one seemed to want to realize that the were the villain even when they were playing the bad guys and none knew it less then this younger generation at court.

No one was to know the true purpose of the grove that was destroyed. But the crab felt it time to use that against them because he couldn't find a way to make someone stop insulting his wife and then there was the fact that he had betrayed the information he had because of something stupid and then therefore like usual blamed the scorpion for everything. This brought a smile to his face though. Then he had the gull to ask him to serve properly. Who the hell was this crab? Why the hell did he think he had the right to judge them?

Not only had he insulted the onyx scorpion but he had insulted those that walked among the unicorn. The reason behind the cemented relationship in the desert. He wondered how well liked he would be when the desert found this out. The younger generation and a few not so young were to be a pain in their side but that was deep down inside of him. He took insults at face value and he turned the rage into something useful or he was going to try.

They were villains and that was all anyone ever need know. They dealt in their shadows with their secrets they worked to keep themselves alive and to protect the Emperor and the Empire. They had plans within plans things that they made the others think and for good reason and it was in that that all of this boiled down too. He wanted life. He wanted to get back to his wife husband kids. And he would do that by any means possible. He wanted to train his next generation of fighters. He wanted to see this war through to the end to give a brighter day to those around him and for the unicorn compassion from him given by his wife he had allowed the crab to walk. It was all he had in him though there would be no more from him on that matter.

He had a duty and now with court coming to a close he had far more than he had anticipated but no more than he was willing to handle. The voice needed him. The Seppun needed him and his clan needed him. In all of this it was time to cast away any doubt. It was time to close himself off and instead of trying to act like something he was not he needed to act as what he was. As the desert had taught him. It was time to scratch out the claws and position his stinger. It was time to swim and no longer fear for life or death in this matter. It was time for him to serve in the way that he saw he should. It was time for him to be a scorpion tried and true. It was time to swim with the others.
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