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All rules and guidelines shall be posted here. If players have questions regarding any of these documents, they are advised to PM their Clan GM for guidance as this sub-forum shall be locked for editing purposes except by the GM Team itself.
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Forum Rules

Postby admin » Mon Nov 28, 2016 2:57 am

This document was last updated by the Winter Court 5 GM Staff on December 4, 2016.

Welcome to the Winter Court 5, a game set in the world of Rokugan, where honor is a force more powerful than… well, we shall find out soon enough. This document contains Winter Court 5’s rules of conduct in regards to player behavior. We, the staff are determined to ensure the fun and safety of all of our players and that means laying down some rules.

  • Making insults in regards to a real person’s race, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, religion(or absence of religion) will not be tolerated.
  • Harassment of players out of character will not be tolerated.

  • Default type setting for all posts both in and out of character. should be 11 point Arial, New Courier or Times New Roman font. In-character text may be written in past or present tense and can be in either first or third-person.
  • All in-character text that is dialogue should use quotation marks.”
  • Bold text is considered to be emphasis in-character.
  • Italicized text are in-character thoughts. Bear in mind that posting thoughts means that other players will be able to read them, so choose carefully what you type.
  • Red text is reserved to GM staff only in regards to warnings.
  • Purple Text is also reserved for GM staff and will be used for Out-of-Character instructions.
  • All forms of colored text by players are prohibited on the in-character forums.
  • When posting Out-of-Character on an In-character board, be sure to label your text with an “OOC:”.
  • Please keep the posting of images and GIFs to a minimum on the in-character forums. Be sure that what you post is relevant.
  • When sending IC correspondence (letters, etc.) via PM, please CC your Clan GM. If one character is sending a correspondence to another character who has a differ assigned GM, both GMs should be CCed. These messages are subject to interception by spies.
  • Thread titles must include the Day and Time Slot for organization purposes. In addition, if a thread is tagged as [Open], then any character may join the scene. If it is tagged as [Closed], then the scene is invite-only, and unless the people involved in the scene have invited you, please do not post on [Closed] scenes.
  • Most threads, if not specified, default to [Open] while in public areas, [Closed] while in private. If a thread does not have a tag, then read the scene and use your better judgement. The Court thread will always be [Open], and linked threads must be created if characters wish to have a private conversation.

  • Should an issue arise that you believe requires the attention of a GM, please contact your assigned Clan GM first by posting on you personal forum. If that GM is unavailable for contact within an hour, contact one of the core GM team.
  • The Core Game Master Staff has final say over all rulings and disciplinary actions, up to and including banning of players from the forum.

  • All forum accounts must be approved by the Forum Administrator. Any and all accounts not approved by the Forum Administrator are subject to being deleted.
  • For players, the following information describes how you will receive your credentials for logging into the Winter Court 5 forums:
    • Players Playing Homebrew Characters: You will receive an email to the email address you provided in your application with an initial username and password. Your initial username will be your Faction Name, followed by an underscore, followed by your initials. Once your homebrew character has been approved by the GM Staff, your username shall be changed to match your character’s name. You are HIGHLY advisede to change the password to a unique password that you have not used for any other site.
    • Players Playing Carded Personalities: You will receive an email to the email address you provided in your application with a username matching the character will be playing, along with an initial password. You are HIGHLY advisede to change the password to a unique password that you have not used for any other site.
    • Arttists and Other Vendors: Please contact the Forum Administrator to request an account. Please explain the reason(s) for why you are requesting an account, and why it is beneficial for the community for you to have one. An active email address must also be provided in your request. All account requests will be approved at the sole discretion of the Forum Administrator, and if a request is approved, an email will be sent with account credentials. These accounts shall only have posting access in Out of Character posting areas.

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