A Letter to Yoritomo Ichido [Day 21]

The Mantis loyal to the Emperor occupy the southwest tower of the castle, just beyond the final gate. It overlooks the snowed-in mountain pass. Left upon a pillow in the common room is a single koku. Its markings indicate it was minted by the Mantis Clan and stamped with the year 1133.
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A Letter to Yoritomo Ichido [Day 21]

Postby Moshi Janisha » Sat Mar 04, 2017 11:43 am

A highly formal letter arrives at the Embassy, a large and thick piece of Orange rice paper. The Calligraphy is black and highly formal Clerical Script, and the paper is scented with Sage. Finally in each corner of the page is painted a small Carnation.

The servant who brings it, arrives, informs the guards she has a letter for the Mantis Ambassador and waits for instructions where to put it to make sure he sees it as soon as possible.

To the Courageous and Honourable Yoritomo Ichido-dono,
The requested informal meeting with Arashi-no-Kimi, Warlord of Zogeku has been arranged for Day 25 in the Early Afternoon in the Zogeku Embassy. All delegates of both the Mantis Clan and the Kingdom of Zogeku are invited to attend.

This one hopes this will be the start of a beautiful friendship between the Mantis and Zogeku, a renewal of the bonds of friendship, and an alliance in both trade and warfare against the Onyx Throne. We both will benefit when the Sea of Shadows is safe once more.

We must never forget where we came from. Just as the Crab beget the Mantis, the Mantis beget Zogeku.

May the Jade Sun guide your path.
Moshi Janisha,
Delegate of Zogeku.
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Re: A Letter to Yoritomo Ichido [Day 21]

Postby Yoritomo Ichido » Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:30 am

The return letter arrived two days later, accompanied with a rather large sack. Within was the decapitated head of a bear, a large one, groomed neatly like a samurai's quarry presented to his lord. There was no finer a game if ever there was. Within the bear head's mouth was the letter written on a heavy sheet of white paper.

I hope this day finds you well, Priestess of the Sun,

Apologies for the late reply. I was on a brisk hike through the mountains and thought to fulfill a challenge or two. Yes, the terms of our meeting will be acceptable. I look forward to speaking with the Warlord on more amicable terms.

(Chop of the Mantis Clan Champion)

P.S. Do visit the peak of Iron Mountain before the end of court. It is indeed a splendid place to greet the Sun from. I planted a green flag there that should add to the local decor.
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