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The Mantis loyal to the Emperor occupy the southwest tower of the castle, just beyond the final gate. It overlooks the snowed-in mountain pass. Left upon a pillow in the common room is a single koku. Its markings indicate it was minted by the Mantis Clan and stamped with the year 1133.
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Asako Hitomi
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Re: [Day 25, Early Evening] Daughter Issues - PhoenixMantis

Postby Asako Hitomi » Sun Mar 19, 2017 4:37 pm

" Indeed, Honestly It is unsettled... The Isawa have asked me to aid in Construction of a Shrine in these mountains.. So I will Ask permission to remain in the Village until it is done. Then no idea but I suspect it will become clear with time "
Disturbing Countenance (scars left side of face). Phoenix. Asako Monk
From D24 onwards she no longer wears any clan markings, and dresses extremely plainly.

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Yoritomo Mei
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Re: [Day 25, Early Evening] Daughter Issues - PhoenixMantis

Postby Yoritomo Mei » Sun Mar 19, 2017 11:20 pm

"Oh, enjoying the spiritual atmosphere of these mountains for a little while will not be a problem for a Phoenix, right?Even more when the snow is melting! Do you have any predictions of when it will be finished?"
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