[Day 25 Early Morning] Penitence

The Mantis loyal to the Emperor occupy the southwest tower of the castle, just beyond the final gate. It overlooks the snowed-in mountain pass. Left upon a pillow in the common room is a single koku. Its markings indicate it was minted by the Mantis Clan and stamped with the year 1133.
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[Day 25 Early Morning] Penitence

Postby Yoritomo Mei » Fri Mar 10, 2017 1:30 am

In the early hours of the morning, Mei prays in her personal altar over again, dedicating her prayers the Thunder Dragon! She expressed her faith and intended to repeat the ritual every day until the end of the court, for the times were urgent and she needed an inspiration to better solve the situation of her Clan. She prostrated herself in kowtow and offers her prayers in obeisance, her head lying on the floor.

"Oh, my mighty and splendorous Dragon of Thunder! Once again, I'm here, respectfully asking for the best way to save my clan! Please, grace this humble servant with your wisdom in this time of most need! Enlighten me with truth and allow me to walk in the steps of courage, power, strength and justice! You are our greatest hope!"
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