[Day 27 LE] An artistic invitation for Midori

The Mantis loyal to the Emperor occupy the southwest tower of the castle, just beyond the final gate. It overlooks the snowed-in mountain pass. Left upon a pillow in the common room is a single koku. Its markings indicate it was minted by the Mantis Clan and stamped with the year 1133.
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[Day 27 LE] An artistic invitation for Midori

Postby Kakita Kyoumi » Sat Mar 18, 2017 2:38 pm

A small note has been provided written on golden paper with bright scarlet ink. The paper has been scented with ginger, and included is dried verbena.

The note reads:

A dance in honor of the Voice has been arranged at the Main Gates shortly before dawn on (Day 29). There will be an athletic component, so please be prepared, but the final performance should be quite stirring. We would be glad of your presence.
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